The Benefits of Using Sandhi Sudha Oil on Joints, Buy So Call: 9897137269

Human bodies contain 210 joints which are lubricated by a viscous or slippery substance called Synovial Fluid. As we age, gain weight, or practice ineffective posture and movements, this fluid can decrease in certain joints. This can result in pain, stiffness, and ineffective movement of the joints. Constant pain makes people inactive and miserable. Finding relief in a natural, pleasant way can help people become strong and active again sandhi sudha.

<strong>Sandhi Sudha Oil <strong>

Sandhi Sudha is a topical Ayurvedic oil with Himalayan medicinal herb extracts that produce pain relief for the joints. Millions of users report pain relief in their shoulders, backs, knees, hands, wrists and other places within two weeks of regular applications. The joints are strengthened and Synovial Fluid in the joints increases which allows for greater flexibility of movement.

<strong>How it works<strong>

By gently massaging Sandhi Sudha in the skin on and surrounding the joint, the oil is absorbed into the skin and increases blood flow to that area. The increased circulation stimulates the joint to produce more Synovial Fluid and to regenerate damaged tissues.

The herbal oil is effective for arthritis, back pain, spondylitis, knee pain, and shoulder, hands and wrist pain by sandhi sudha.

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<strong>What’s in it</strong>

Sandhi Sudha natural ingredients per 100 ml:

· 4 gms. Gwarpatha 

· 2 gms. Pan Leaf

· 12 gms. Ashwagandha

· 8 gms. Akarkara

· 2 gms. Haldi

· 4 gms. Rasna

· 4 gms. Nirgungi

· 4 gms. Arand Root

· 4 gms. Ajwain

· Arand Oil Q. S.

· Amritdhara Q. S.

Akarkara contains calcium to strengthen the bones, Nirgundi adds strength to muscles and nerves, and Gawerpatha increases lubrication to joints.

<strong>How to Use</strong>

You warm up a little (5 ml. or so) in your palm and gently massage it in the painful or stiff area on and around the joint in circular motions with your fingers. This should be done for 3-5 minutes several times a day for at least 2 weeks. For severe pain you can apply treatments up to six times in one 24 hour period. The oil is for only for external use–do not ingest.

<strong>Regular Treatment Benefits </strong>

As you continue to use the oil, the increased circulation stimulates the joint to produce more lubrication. Pain and stiffness decrease and massaging with Sandhi Sudha causes general relaxation and calming effects over the body.

The Sandhi Sudha oil is well-known all over the world as a potent remedy for helping joint pain sufferers find relief in a natural holistic way. It is so effective patients will not need to take in harmful chemicals just to deal with pain and discomfort. Persons of all ages find that it works well for joint pain in various areas of the body.